1. The Game of Life

I thank God daily that I’m still alive,
Because many have died without dreams realized-
Many still don’t know the value of time,
Unproductive souls are no friends of mine!

Their goal is to try and take what you got,
Simply because you have, and they have not-
It takes no effort to murmur and complain,
Hater’s without umbrellas, yet cause their own rain.

Talent without drive is like a bike with no chain,
You won’t get far, and you’re the only one to blame-
Embrace your passion, because the world needs your skill
Because happiness only accompanies a life that’s fulfilled.

Life was not meant to be a spectators sport,
Get in the game quickly, because life is too short-
You won’t come in last if you put yourself first,
And without a vision for your life, it only gets worse!

Robert L. Horton
© 2015

2. Religious Traditions

To save Black America, we need an economic provision,
This type of leadership the Black Church should provide-
To advance our cause we should put our differences aside,
We kill our witness with so many religious traditions.

Once saved always saved, is this the correct teaching?
Whether I agree or disagree, we should still work together,
Arguing over scriptures doesn’t make Black America better,
With so much disunity, who are you reaching?

Do you feed the poor and visit the sick and elderly?
Our job is to take care of things on earth,
Your value is much different than your material worth-
And don’t just serve so others can see.

Why the need for a building if you are the church?
The church is supposed to be wherever you go-
Don’t you know your harvest only reflects what you sow?
“Occupy Till I Come” means being about The Master’s work!

Robert L. Horton
© 2015

3. Advice

Make some new friends and keep them for life,
Be equally yoked, before you take as your wife.
Read a good book and learn all you can,
Know whose you are, and be your own man.
Train up your kids in the way they should go,
Teach them everything you want them to know.
Work hard for a living and invest in yourself,
Then market your talents to create your own wealth.
Write down your vision and don’t give up on your dreams,
And remember that nothing is as bad as it seems.
Pray every day and stay focused on your mission,
Always do your best, and never compromise your position.
Keep the faith and believe in everything you do,
Speak into existence whatever you want to come true.
Pay your bills on time and be committed to living debt free,
Give alms to the poor, and stay active in your community.
Uplift those who are downcast, who see things in a negative way,
Never be judgmental, but always have a kind word to say.
Do it right the first time and you won’t have to do things twice,
Blessings are sure to flow those who hearken to this advice!

Robert L. Horton
© 2015

4. Judge Not

You can’t see my future through the lens of my past,
Must my relationship fail because yours didn’t last?
Focusing on others means your priorities need to be rearranged,
Examine your own life and fix what needs to be changed.

The long beam in your eye is all I see,
There is a huge difference between a toothpick and a tree-
My past mistakes are not a complete reflection of me,
I’m still endeavoring to become the best that I can be.

I fell and looked up but didn’t see your hand,
All fall short sometimes is what you need to understand-
Judge not if you don’t want others to judge you,
Instead, love one another as we are commanded to do.

You will either lift and build or destroy and kill,
To edify and inspire others takes courage and skill-
In this life we all need God’s mercy and grace,
So let’s work together to make this world a better place.

Robert L. Horton
© 2015



5. Talents

When you’re in the right vein you can draw blood,
Embrace your passion even if no one else does-
Drive at your own pace, but stay in your lane,
And every blessing from God is your job to maintain.

What is given to you is not for you only,
Wealth without health and friends will leave you broke and lonely- Show God that you care by sharing what you got,
What’s little to you, to someone else is a lot.

I once heard that a closed mouth doesn’t get fed,
So don’t be ashamed to ask God for daily bread-
He will supply all your needs according to His glory,
And these earthly blessings are only half of the story.

Talents not put to good use will only be taken,
Stiff neck people are those who are not easily awakened-
But in His mercy, God is forbearing with us,
And gifts not used for His glory only betrays His trust.

Robert L. Horton
© 2015

6. Progress

While going through life some of us just accumulate pain,
Holding on to past hurt without anything to gain-
They still haven’t learned how important it is to forgive,
All of us must die, but not everyone will live.

The company that you keep speaks volumes about you,
Haters disguised as friends because they have nothing better to do-
People not on your level will only bring you down,
They’re like vultures hovering, just waiting for you to drown.

You always say that you’re ready for change to come,
Yet unwilling to do what’s needed to be done-
Set some goals for yourself to give your life direction,
You’ve wasting enough time seeking others’ approval and affection.

Today is a new day so leave past failures behind,
Nothing happens overnight, but things do get better with time,
The world needs your light and it’s your duty to shine,
But progress only comes with the renewing of your mind!

Robert L. Horton
© 2015

7. Message to Humanity

(From the Most High)

“Feed me and I will feed you,
And will bless you abundantly as only I can do.
The least of these are my most prized possessions,
You Are Because I Am is the greatest of all confessions!

All nations on earth come from one seed,
Ignorance is bliss, and the root of all wars is greed.
All things are connected is what you must understand,
Time was only established because of the sinfulness of man.

As the topsoil erodes, so will the trees-
And waste from the earth will affect life in the seas.
Nature speaks daily, but only those listening will hear-
Change direction now, or the end of all flesh is near.

Hatred causes strife, which only leads to more decay,
Take heed to thine own spirit and examine your way.
Have love for one another and ye will not fall,
A better life awaits all who will answer to this call.”

Robert L. Horton
© 2015

8. Giving

Giving to the poor should not be a chore,
I give so they don’t have to beg anymore-
Humanity’s grief is too much for my eyes to see,
Saddened by all the children living in poverty.

Too many people are living without hope,
Each day they find life more difficult to cope-
Always wondering where their next meal is coming from,
And too many times that next meal never comes.

I cried when i saw a handsome, shoddy black boy,
He just wanted a dollar to buy himself a toy-
With his hand out and tears in his eyes,
I gave him 5 dollars and said, keep your dreams alive!

When i saw his sister that’s when my heart broke,
Because it was wintertime and she was missing a coat-
Covering her and walking them home instilled lots of pride,
Until i realized their home was always outside.

Robert L. Horton
© 2015